About Us

Pastors David & Tifanie Pinson


David and Tifanie are driven with passion to lead people into the Glory. Graced with the ability to teach, preach and flow with Holy Spirit; the presented Word will Maturate – Accelerate and Elevate individuals into their Kingdom assignments. David and Tifanie have a gift to love in a parental way which helps to direct the “orphans’ to the Father where they can find their identity & son-ship. Their prophetic gifting establishes a Presence-driven atmosphere and it’s in this

place where people of all ages and backgrounds are discipled, transformed and grounded. Through the Word of God and Holy Spirit’s Presence the Lordship of

Jesus is celebrated, and freedom is found in this Kingdom place. 


David's ability to teach, preach and flow in the prophetic giftings are accompanied with a pastor's heart.   He joys over those who receive from the Word; salvation, healing and deliverance.  Saved and answering the call to preach  at the age of 19, he immediately set himself apart to further hear God speaking the Divine plan for his life.  An avid reader and author, David wrote "Leadership Lessons in the Life of Jesus". Brewer Christian Bible and Graduate School used this accredited course where David was the class instructor. 

Tifanie's leadership specializes in the ability to bring people together as a powerful team and empower them to accomplish God's dreams and Kingdom assignments. Tifanie is presence driven and flows in the Gifts of the Spirit. Her expression of worship releases an atmosphere for people to receive ministry throughout the service and altar time. She works hand in hand with her husband, David, and DPM ministry team. 

Tifanie has authored S.T.E.P.S. into Ministry, a leadership manual for developing children's ministries. She is one of the co-authors of Journey Into Glory, curriculum for children ages 6-12. 

Austin Pinson, Director


Austin has served in ministry for many years; beginning in his teenage years. He too is on the Board of Directors for David Pinson Ministries & g2g Intl. Austin is unique in his ability and passion for the Kingdom. He is gifted in media, drama, humor/comedy, teaching, preaching and altar ministry. 

Austin is a mentor and an encourager to people and is passionate in working with children and youth. He flows often in the prophetic and is a seer. 

He is co-author of Journey into Glory, curriculum for children ages 6-12.

Ruth Conley, Executive Administrator


Ruth serves as one of the Directors for David Pinson Ministries. She is a mentor and teacher and has influenced several women through the years; many of whom are serving in full-time ministry today! Ruth has trained and equipped several Dance Companies within churches which has accelerated churches to a higher dimension of Glory! Ruth is editor for S.T.E.P.S. into Ministry. She is co-author for Journey into Glory, curriculum for children.